Abingdon Wargames Club

About Abingdon Wargames Club

Formed in 1993, Abingdon Wargames Club is a fun gaming club - run by gamers, for gamers.

We meet every Friday evening and once a month on Sundays, at Abingdon Conservative Club near the centre of the town. We aim to deliver a friendly atmosphere where gamers can meet up, socialize, and most importantly - play games! Our members play a wide variety of games, and we are always willing to try something new or include you in a game if you don't already have one arranged.

As the club's name suggests, our members primarily play tabletop wargames, however many of us also play roleplaying games, boardgames, card games, and computer games, and these are occasionally seen at the club too.

The first two sessions are free to try, so come and give a game a go at Abingdon Wargames Club.

This World War II battle was fought using 15mm figures and the Rapid Fire rules.